Why Local SEO Is Critically Important to SMBs Today

Local SEO is an insanely effective way for small businesses to market themselves online. It’s the ultimate tool in helping them promote their products and services to the local customers that are primed to walk through their door. In an extremely competitive digital environment, local SEO gives locally based, small businesses the competitive advantage they need to thrive and grow.

To illustrate the importance of local SEO for SMBs, we only need to look at the fact that Google searches that include the words “near me” have increased by over 200% in just one year’s time, and 72% of local searches result in a visit to a store within 5 miles of the customer’s location.

Without a focus on local SEO, these numbers would be quite different. Here’s what you need to know about bringing more customers through your door with local search engine optimization strategies.

How Local SEO Is Different than Traditional Search Engine Optimization

Most business owners are aware of the concept of search engine optimization. The thing that many of them don’t realize is that there are specific strategies that can be leveraged to optimize their visibility specifically to a local audience. This set of strategies is what we refer to as local SEO.

When a user conducts a search using specific keyword combinations or geo-modifiers that indicate they’re looking for a location specific answer to their query, local SEO helps your small business show up in something called the local pack – a highlighted section on SERPs dedicated to local businesses. Using SEO intended to target local customers will help your business show up in these results, where traditional search engine optimization won’t.

With local SEO, there’s greater importance placed on elements like consistent NAP listings and citations, local link building, long-tail geo-relevant keywords, local reviews and high-quality content designed to appeal to the customers in your community. In essence, it’s an extension of an already solid search engine optimization strategy and it can do great things for small businesses.

Why Local SEO Is So Crucial for Small Businesses

Compared to other forms of digital marketing, local SEO is an extremely cost-effective strategy for budget minded small businesses with their eyes on growth. Take for example, that one of the most essential local SEO tools – an optimized Google My Business page – is absolutely free. What’s more, when it comes to lead generation and attracting traffic to both your website and your physical location, local SEO produces results.

But, while those are the blaring examples of why local SEO is essential for SMBs, there’s more that goes on behind the scenes that’s beneficial to your business. The right local strategy extends your reach to a larger, but more targeted audience, appeals to mobile consumers and establishes trust and authenticity for your SMB in the community.

Leveraging the Power of Local Search Engine Optimization with a Professional SEO Agency

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