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When to Use WordPress, and When Not to… // Mar 31 // JLB

When building an informational or corporate website, many web developers and industry experts will recommend a content management system (CMS) like WordPress as the backbone of the website. Whether it’s WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or another CMS, adding a software platform as the foundation of your website allows you to log back in at a later […]

Ahh, WordPress. It’s a love hate relationship // Jul 27 // JLB

Guest Post from our partner, EndLayer. WordPress is all the fad for websites these days – and really for good reason. It’s free, first of all. It’s easy, there’s a ton of plugins to extend it, and there’s an insanely huge user base for it. We started on WordPress ourselves, even – several years ago. It’s […]

Choosing A Content Management System For Your Business: Three Things To Keep In Mind // Apr 20 // JLB

Guest Author There are dozens of content management systems available: both free and paid. Choosing the right one is important if your project is to go smoothly. While, on a high-level, content management systems do more or less the same thing, specific implementations can vary radically according to the intended users, variant design and development […]

Why Self-Hosting Beats SaaS Publishing For Bloggers // Feb 29 // JLB

Guest Post from Matt Davis at FutureHosting Self-hosting offers reliability, accountability, and control over your own business model and content. SaaS is not the right solution for serious bloggers. Software-as-a-Service is tempting for bloggers. Most of the work is done for you. All that’s left is to write and publish. The foundations of the service are […]

Is Self-Hosting Your Videos On WordPress A Good Idea? // Feb 15 // JLB

Guest Post from our partner, Nexcess. While WordPress is capable of self-hosting video, the bandwidth requirements make streaming services or dedicated video hosting services the better option. Adding video to your WordPress blog or business site is a great way to communicate with readers (viewers) and potential customers. The web is still built around the written […]