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Why SEO Is a Must Have Skill for the Web Designer You Hire // Dec 30 // JLB

SEO is a necessity for building visibility in front of an online audience. Unfortunately, while many businesses realize the importance of search engine optimization, they fail to understand the significance of SEO in web design. Your website is hands down the most important tool you have for building the type of online presence you need […]

How Web Design Should Incorporate SEO // Jun 30 // JLB

It’s no secret that businesses of all sizes need a website to be competitive today. The internet is the first place that people go to when they’re searching for products or services, and websites have replaced the yellow-pages phone book listing of years gone by. But, just having a website isn’t enough anymore. Small businesses […]

Tips for Optimizing Medical Services Landing Pages // Jun 15 // JLB

It really wasn’t that long ago that the best way to build a medical practice was through word of mouth. The idea was that if you provided exceptional care to your patients, they would, in turn, share their experience and positive impressions of your office with their friends. Easy enough, right? Welcome to 2018, where […]

3 Reasons Why a Strong Logo Is Essential for Small Businesses // May 08 // JLB

What happens the first time you meet someone? If you’re like most people, you do a quick assessment and pick up on a few key details. These are the things you’ll remember and keep in mind should you meet this person again. We’ve come to know this as a first impression, and most people will […]

How To Build Great Content for Mobile Consumption // Dec 10 // JLB

Have you been thinking about implementing a mobile first design in your marketing strategy, but wonder if this is the best place to put your marketing resources?