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Why Instagram Is the Social Platform for Small Business Growth // Aug 15 // JLB

The number of people using social media is growing every day, with users spreading themselves across multiple platforms. This has presented a bit of a challenge for businesses looking to engage with their audiences on social networks. With demographics and social behaviors shifting, how do you know which platforms are worth the time and investment […]

A Quick Guide to Facebook & Instagram Live for SMBs // May 22 // JLB

In 2016, the ability to share live content on social media exploded onto the scene. The preference for live content has only continued to grow with viewers spending 8x longer watching video that’s live over on demand content. Now, take what we know about video being the preferred type of content and blend that with […]

Why Video Is Crucial in Social Media Marketing // Apr 20 // JLB

It wasn’t that long ago that blog after blog was pushed out predicting the trends in marketing for the coming year. Try and find just one that didn’t mention video. Chances are you can’t. It’s predicted that by next year, video will account for 80% of consumer internet traffic. Honestly, video has been big on […]

Defining Your Social Media Strategy – 5 Tips // Mar 19 // JLB

With 2018 well underway, now is the time for you to define your social media strategy for the year if you haven’t already done so. If you’re intimidated by the thought of creating a social media strategy, don’t be. Developing a strategy for social media is a worthwhile investment of time and resources that can […]

Is Facebook Live Right for Your Business? // Mar 05 // JLB

Maybe you’ve heard all the buzz about how video is the sweet spot in digital marketing right now. Video is great, but how you do video matters too. Platforms like Facebook Live, which offers live streaming capabilities to its users, are showing us that there’s more potential with video than we previously imagined. Facebook Live […]

The Top Social Media Trends for Business in 2018 // Feb 05 // JLB

There’s always a flurry of digital marketing predictions at the beginning of the year. It’s an exciting time of looking into the future. But, a couple months later the dust settles, and we get a much clearer picture of what to expect in the coming months. Now is the perfect time to look at the […]

5 Inspiring Instagram Brands You Need to Be Following // Dec 01 // JLB

Instagram, with 800 million active monthly users, has become a social media marketing dream come true, and many brands are jumping on. In fact, about 70% of businessess now use Instagram for social media marketing. Some brands do Instagram better than others. Here are 5 of our favorite brands on Instagram and why they inspire […]

How to Get Leads & Sales After a Hurricane // Oct 02 // JLB

    While a hurricane is a tragedy that can easily hurt many businesses, it can also provide a unique opportunity for businesses with particular goods and services. For companies that help with water damage, tree removal, roof repairs, and other services that are in high demand after a hurricane sweeps through a region, it’s […]

The New Social Commerce // Sep 16 // JLB

Guest Post from our partner, Nextopia. As a brand or business’s social media presence grows, so does their marketing clout. Unfortunately, Instagram “likes” don’t pay bills. Accordingly, the question arises – how best to transform followers into engaged shoppers and derive value from the platform? That’s where social commerce comes in. To clearly define the term, […]

The Unveiled Secret for the Viral Share // Feb 19 // JLB

In the past, “going viral” was far less accessible. If a company wanted to spread word about their brand, they had to wait for customers to come to them – advertising on large billboards or on television advertisements. But thanks to social media and the growing age of technology, channels like Facebook and Twitter have […]