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Supercharge Your SEO with Site Search // Apr 20 // JLB

Guest Post from our partner, Nextopia. Every online retailer is looking to improve their SEO in a quest for the elusive #1 spot in any given Google search. What most companies don’t know, however, is that there is an easy way to boost your SEO rankings, while also providing your customers with a vastly superior […]

How Product Recommendations Can Increase Average Order Value (AOV) and Revenue on Your Website // Jul 13 // JLB

With customer acquisition costs only rising, website personalization is top of mind on the list of to-dos for many eCommerce retailers. With small budgets, many online retailers often turn to advertising as a means of increasing their average order value or revenue on their website. However, instead of spending all of your marketing budget on […]

3 Improvements Strong Site Search Can make to an eCommerce Site // Apr 23 // JLB

The list of “best practices” for eCommerce sites is constantly changing and developing. One of the most important of the current standards is strong on-site search. When a shopper visits an eCommerce site they often already know what they are looking for, and therefore head straight for the search bar. What happens next is critical.  […]