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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an eCommerce Platform // Feb 16 // JLB

The process of choosing an e?ommerce platform that boasts all the features you want can be difficult to come by. A wide choice of solutions, free and paid, hosted and downloadable, simple and feature-rich make the process even more tricky. It goes without saying that the research takes a good deal of time and is […]

How to Use Behavioral Data to Create a Seamless Customer Experience // Dec 13 // JLB

Marketing experts today face far more difficult challenges than in the past. It used to be as simple as deciding whether to offer a buy-one-get-one-free, or some other type of incentive. Today’s customers can be reached by any number of retailers, offering hundreds, if not thousands, of different experiences, messages, and opportunities to buy. In […]

5 Tips and Tricks to Help With Your PPC Management // Aug 04 // JLB

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be an extremely effective way to drive traffic and leads to your business or website, and on the surface, might seem like an easy way as well. Many small business owners assume that since they know their products and services better than anyone, they would also know the best keywords and […]

Discover What Internet Marketing Can Do For Your Business // Sep 25 // JLB

Times are changing. Advertising on the global market now consists of more than just television, radio and print.  I have seen firsthand how a business now has a variety of options to create wide customer awareness that weren’t even around a few years ago.  Consumers have the internet in the palms of their hands, allowing advertisers to publicize […]

The Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time // Feb 05 // JLB

For some, the Big Game is all about the football. For some, it’s all about the food and home parties. For advertisers, marketers and media companies…it’s all about the commercials. Why are the Super Bowl Commercials such a big deal? Eyeballs! Lots and lots of eyeballs. In marketing & advertising, although exposure isn’t everything…it’s definitely […]