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3 Ways to Boost Your E-commerce Landing Page Performance // Jul 10 // JLB

E-commerce businesses face a unique challenge, and that’s the fact that their entire image is wrapped up in their website. It’s the only place that customers connect with you, from first introduction through building their loyalty. The immediate impression that’s formed when someone lands on one of your pages plays a huge role in your […]

What You Can Learn from the Top E-commerce Businesses on Instagram // Jun 26 // JLB

Social media has become an invaluable necessity for e-commerce businesses that want to build brand awareness and expand their reach into a massive, global market. Maybe the goals for your business are more small scale and you’re not necessarily looking to go global, but brand awareness and engagement are still crucial. Before you head to […]

How Your Ecommerce Business Can Target Mobile Customers // Jun 05 // JLB

Mobile technology has been at the forefront of major changes in the e-commerce industry. Not only is mobile technology more accessible – at least 80% of internet users own a smartphone – it’s also advancing at an incredible rate. Mobile devices are now capable of doing more with a focus on user comfort features that […]

How to Keep Your E-commerce Website Secure // Apr 27 // JLB

Have you ever thought about your e-commerce site as if it were a physical retail location? With a physical location, there’s a sense of vulnerability. Someone could walk in, steal from you or scout the place out for weaknesses. Even your customers are vulnerable. This is a fact of life, but fortunately few ever feel […]