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7 Secrets of Creating Evergreen Content with Real Staying Power // Nov 15 // JLB Admin

Content marketing is one of the most important strategies for building awareness of your business. Great content not only provides value to the person reading, but also helps to establish your brand’s voice and message – both of which are important for building trust and demonstrating authority online. This why they say that content is […]

5 Powerful Strategies That Fuel Great Content Marketing // Aug 15 // JLB

Maybe you’re new to content marketing, or you’re a little more seasoned but not seeing the results you think you should with the efforts you’ve been putting into content creation. You’re looking for a magical solution that will make your content perform, and unfortunately, you’re not going to find it. The most powerful content strategy […]

How to Distribute and Repurpose Your Content to Increase Engagement // Jun 19 // JLB

Good content is an investment. This is one thing that’s true for every business, regardless of their size or content strategy. From the big player that’s invested massive amounts of money to the local small business owner that stayed up into the wee hours of the morning working out the kinks in a video, content […]

The Power of Reciprocity, and Why You Should Increase the Amount of User-Generated Content You Share. // Jan 11 // JLB

Guest Post by one of our Partners, ContentBacon. It’s the chorus, not the aria that closes the sale. “But enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?” Bette Midler delivered that line to Barbara Hershey in Garry Marshall’s 1988 movie, Beaches. If you weren’t too distracted by Hershey’s cosmetically enhanced […]

How To Build Great Content for Mobile Consumption // Dec 10 // JLB

Have you been thinking about implementing a mobile first design in your marketing strategy, but wonder if this is the best place to put your marketing resources?

8 Tips to Organizing Your Content Calendar in the New Year // Jan 20 // JLB

If you are barely staying ahead of your content marketing strategy and posting content at the last minute, you aren’t doing your eCommerce business any favors. Sure, sometimes a digital marketer will get a brilliant idea on the fly, but let’s be honest—well-developed ideas have more strategy behind them. In 2017, mediocre content is no […]

5 Tips and Tricks to Help With Your PPC Management // Aug 04 // JLB

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be an extremely effective way to drive traffic and leads to your business or website, and on the surface, might seem like an easy way as well. Many small business owners assume that since they know their products and services better than anyone, they would also know the best keywords and […]

The Unveiled Secret for the Viral Share // Feb 19 // JLB

In the past, “going viral” was far less accessible. If a company wanted to spread word about their brand, they had to wait for customers to come to them – advertising on large billboards or on television advertisements. But thanks to social media and the growing age of technology, channels like Facebook and Twitter have […]

Discover What Internet Marketing Can Do For Your Business // Sep 25 // JLB

Times are changing. Advertising on the global market now consists of more than just television, radio and print.  I have seen firsthand how a business now has a variety of options to create wide customer awareness that weren’t even around a few years ago.  Consumers have the internet in the palms of their hands, allowing advertisers to publicize […]

The Value of Search Engine Optimization To Your Business // Mar 26 // JLB

Maintaining a successful business today requires a bit more than an in-depth understanding of the products or services you want to provide to your customers. Instead, it is now more important than every to recognize the value of SEO and utilizing the internet to promote businesses and entire brands. Understanding the value of search engine […]