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What Does it Cost For A Website? // Nov 05 // JLB Admin

Website Budget Averages Like the businesses they represent, websites are not all created equal.  Websites serve various purposes, feature different technologies and therefore they can vary greatly in cost  the level of design/branding and functionality increases and becomes more complex to suit your company’s needs.  At JLB Florida, we will drive down the costs of the design [...]

10 Small Business Errors That Drive Customers Away // Oct 05 // JLB Admin

Visitors seldom leave a small business website with a neutral impression. For most prospects, your small business is an unknown quantity, so their first impression of your company will either make them more comfortable doing business with you or less comfortable. For this reason, you want their first experience with your website to inspire them to contact […]

How To Find The Right Web Design Company For Your Business // Sep 05 // JLB Admin

Finding The Right Web Design Company For Your Business As a full-service web design and digital marketing company Fort Lauderdale, we’ve had the opportunity to support companies not only in Fort Lauderdale but throughout South Florida.  Some clients are coming to us with no prior web presence, others have come to us to better their […]

2018 Web Design Trends: UI and UX // Feb 26 // JLB

In today’s connected society, consumers are demanding improved user experiences and user interfaces that cater to them personally when they visit websites. Shoppers now want websites that are nice-looking, quick to respond to their commands and performance driven. These demands, along with future trends, mean that web designers are constantly challenged to adapt to the […]

The Power of Reciprocity, and Why You Should Increase the Amount of User-Generated Content You Share. // Jan 11 // JLB

Guest Post by one of our Partners, ContentBacon. It’s the chorus, not the aria that closes the sale. “But enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?” Bette Midler delivered that line to Barbara Hershey in Garry Marshall’s 1988 movie, Beaches. If you weren’t too distracted by Hershey’s cosmetically enhanced […]

How To Interpret Your Behavior & Conversion Data // Nov 21 // JLB

We recently provided a look at how to learn from your Google Analytics Audience data. As the next installment in this series, we’ll be walking you through Behavior data, helping you to uncover how visitors are interacting with your website itself. This data can lead to lots of E-commerce conversion optimization opportunities for your website. […]

Magento Vs X-Cart // Aug 11 // JLB

When looking for a popular open-source E-commerce platform, Magento and X-Cart are are likely to rise to the top of your list, along with other open source opportunities, like WooCommerce, OroCommerce, Prestashop, and Shuup. However, these two online store systems stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons. At their hearts, Magento and […]

Magento Vs BigCommerce // Aug 10 // JLB

When evaluating E-commerce systems, we always recommend starting by highlighting the goals that you’re seeking to meet as a business. Every shopping cart platform has its own pros and cons, but your unique needs and the experience that you’re hoping for as an organization will point you down the best path for your specific use […]

Reasons Why Your eBay Store Needs To Be Synchronized With Magento // Aug 09 // JLB

Guest Post from Our Partner, Primaseller Why do retailers make the choice to be present on multiple channels even when they’re quite successful on just one? Marketplaces like eBay are excellent sales channels- they give you all the visibility you need to sell your products. However, as a retailer, you may want to think beyond […]

Magento 2 vs Miva // Aug 09 // JLB

When comparing E-commerce platforms, it’s always important to identify the kind of experience that you’re hoping to have as merchants. Each software has its respective strengths and weaknesses, but your specific use case and goals will lead you in the right direction when comparing E-commerce software options. In the case of Miva and Magento 2, […]